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farm tool serves
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Farm tool serves

Baby chick feeder capacity of 1.5 kg mini cap is a farm tool in the form of innovative feeders of cattle appliance partners for chicks (doc)

Advantages :

ergonomic design. Dimensions suitable for chicks, so the optimal feed intake can be achieved.

Chicks are not able to eat in the area, so that the feed will always be clean and hygienic. Feed quality can be maintained and the spread of germs from the litter and dirt can be suppressed.

With this product, chicks eating feed more efficiently because this place has a narrow dining area which eliminate the habit of scratching of feed.

The products are made of original materials so durable and be a profitable investment for the farm.

Safe from contamination of other animals such as flies, mice, etc.

fresh feed on baby chick feeder lid mini attract chicks to eat.

Specification :

feed capacity: 1.5 kg

capacity created eat: 40-60 chicks

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