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Baby chick feeder
Baby chick feeder
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Specification of Baby chick feeder

Baby chick feeder

Baby chick feeder is a breeding tool in the form of a very good feed for chicks aged 1-16 days. If, talking about chicken feed efficiency when his childhood is very appropriate if you are using baby chick feeder.

Why should baby chick feeder? Here are some advantages;
excess baby chick feeder, as follows:
viewing habits chicks always go up in place of feed, can already be prevented by the use of baby chick feeder, because it has a diameter that is not so wide.
To reduce the number of feed contamination as a result of a mixture of husk and chicken manure.
Activities rub bakipun, almost no longer done by the breeder.
More efficient in terms of feeding
the feed stays clean and hygienic.

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