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Egg Fill Incubator 112
Egg Fill Incubator 112
Egg Fill Incubator 112
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Specification of Egg Fill Incubator 112

Egg Incubator Machine- Hatch success of up to 98% (Terms & Conditions Apply)This Hatching Machine is Stable & Reliable, Cost Effective & Beneficial Your Business is easy to use.It is suitable for you who are hobbies in this field or small business.-Automatic Spinning, Ventilation Control, Humidity Control, Temperature Control.* Machine Feature:1) Automatically rotates every 2 hours2) Automatic Ventilation Control Every 2 Hours3) Automatic Humidity Control4) Automatic Control of Room Temperature & Round Frequency.5) Automatic Alarm Sounds when Abnormal Humidity Temperature.6) This machine has passed CE Certification (Professional EGG INCUBATOR)7) Success of up to 98%8) Durable Machine Can be used Up to 10 Years.

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