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CV. Mitra Alat Ternak

6 Kg Chicken Feed
6 Kg Chicken Feed
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Sell 6 Kg Chicken Feed

Specification of 6 Kg Chicken Feed

A high-quality, high-quality feedstock designed specifically for less wasted feed. This livestock tool has a wider plate diameter for chicken access that also eat more, week stay clean and easy to clean.

The Advantages of Chicken Feeding Place 6 Kg from Mitra Alat Ternak is having 4 Pin and 4 connecting link between bottom plate and upper tube, which if 1 pin chain is released feed will not spill over.

Product Specifications & Details:

- Grade: Super
- Yellow
- Capacity: 6 Kg (max 6, 5 kg)
- Capacity: 25 - 28 broiler / layer chicken

CV. Mitra Alat Ternak is the right company to meet your chicken feed needs. We also provide various types of farm equipment needs with technology that makes your livestock production grow well.

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