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Battery Wire Cage 9 Doors contain 9 tails

Rp. 225,400
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28 Mar 2022
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Specification of Battery Wire Cage 9 Doors contain 9 tails

Laying Chicken Cage Distributor, Battery Cage Supplier

Battery type enclosure is a modification of the cage or cage system enclosure, which is arranged in a longitudinal, two-storey or more series. Each cage can be for one chicken or if a light type chicken can be filled with two chickens. The results of existing studies, charging one tail per local battery cage is better than more than one tail per local. This is likely due to the characteristics or behavior of social life of chickens. The base or floor of the battery system enclosure is made to lean slightly forward in the hope that the egg can roll forward to facilitate egg retrieval. The battery cage system is seen as less favorable for the maintenance of broilers because it often causes chest blisters or swelling in the sternum.
The battery cage that we produce is made of Galvanized Wire.
The advantages of a battery enclosure system are as follows:
    Can save space and maintenance costs
    The energy expended by chicken is very little so that the animal metabolism results more for the formation of meat
    Chickens don't peck each other so they don't get hurt
    If there are chickens suffering from infectious diseases, transmission will be slow
    Feeding and minimal more effective because it can be done individually
    Identifying diseases through feces is easy because the droppings do not mix with other chicken droppings.
Besides Battery Cages, we also sell Niple Drinker Broiler, Nipple Layer, Niple Quail, Feed Gutters, Drink Gutters, etc. To Complete Your Battery Enclosure Equipment.
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