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Cages are one of the most important needs in the livestock business. The main function of the cage is to keep livestock from wandering and facilitate the monitoring and care of livestock. There are many types, both based on the type and the materials used to make it, while the use is tailored to the needs. indirectly the cage also affects the quality and quantity of livestock products. A functional enclosure will increase revenue for the owners.

Batray type enclosures are a modification of a caged or confinement system, arranged in lengthwise, two-tiered or more. Each cage can be for one chicken or if a light type chicken can be filled two tails. The results of existing research, charging one tail per local batray enclosure is better than with more than one tail per local. This is probably due to the nature or behavior of the social life of chickens. The base or floor enclosure of the batray system is made somewhat leaning forward in the hope that the eggs can roll forward to facilitate the taking of the egg.

This enclosure can be made of wire, wood battens, and also bamboo. Each has its weakness and profit side and may be the main consideration is the price issue (capital). There are some breeders who combine the use of wire with bamboo that is by making a cage base of wire batray while the top of bamboo. And maybe this is the ideal combination throughout our observation. There is also a result of a combination of wood with bamboo batten.

Batray wire enclosure is the right choice, clean and efficient for the coral era. Eggs so clean, avoid breaks and can last up to 10 years. Many options support the cage (drinking water / nipple drinker, feed gutter, water regulator etc)

Batman Cage Advantages:

1. Save space because the design can be tailored to the needs and
    farmers desire
2. Chicken individually easy to control both production and health
3. Chicken movement is limited so that the energy of metabolism can be used
    for optimal egg production
4. Cleanliness of eggs awake
5. Cannibal cases are reduced
6. Facilitate the provision of maintenance management such as eggs taking,
    feeding and drinking water
7. Facilitate cleaning of chicken manure

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